Throttle body

All kMAG devices need 2 inputs from the induction tract to work:

  1. Manifold Atmospheric Pressure (MAP) that indicates the pressure of the air after the throttle butterfly.
  2. Inlet Air Temperate (IAT) that indicates the temperature of the incoming air.

2 Bosch sensors are provided on the Kotuku throttle bodies to perform this function. The wiring loom provided with a CanFly® system has connectors pre-terminated for those devices.

There are 2 options for a throttle body.

  • A -4 Flamge for O-320 style vertical induction engines. These are commonly used on homebuilts due to the low cost.
  • A -5 Flange for O-360, O-390 style horizontal induction engines.
-4 Vertical Induction -5 Horizontal Induction
Vertical Horizontal