Mixture Control and USB Adapter

All kMAG units have the ability to have a manual mixture control. Optionally when the mixture control is set to 95-100% the auto-mixture functionality within the edu can be used to auto-lean the mixture to Lean-of-peak or Rich-of-peak.

There are 2 methods to provide this input to the kMAG. Either a push-pull style control on a conventional mixture knob or quadrant, or by using the Kotuku panel mount mixture control with USB adapter.

A USB adapter is required for programing the devices on the CanFly® system, and if the panel mixture control is not ordered a stand alone usb adapter will be provided.

The Mixture control is designed to fit a 2.25” panel cutout. This makes a compact panel mounted mixture control, and since the kMAG’s are constatly calculating the best mixture at all times it is likely that most people will just leave the control in the ‘auto’ position.


  • Compact device that allows programming the CanFly® system.
  • Allows for downloading of data logger information from the kEDU device.
  • Can be used to monitor or provide access to the CanFly® for custom applications on third party devices.
  • 4 pin connector at rear for connecting to the 2 kEDU mixture controls.
  • Can optionally provide power to the CanFly® devices. Note a maximum of 2 Amps.
  • Powered by the USB bus so does not add to the avionics bus power load.