3.5" Multifunction Display

The Kotuku MFD3 product is a compact instrument that runs the diy-efis open source avionics display code. The diy-efis code has a number of configurable widgets that can be added to a display. All of them bind to the CanFly® data stream to display information.

The Kotuku display is built using automotive grade components and only consumes 0.2A of power when in operation.

There are the following widgets available in the MFD:

  • Airspeed - Displays a vertical airspeed graph.
  • Altitude - Displays a vertical altitude graph.
  • Annunciator - Shows a small window that will display a single CanFly® value.
  • Attitude - A split horizont attitude display.
  • Gauge - Round, or bar gauges.
  • HSI - A horizontal situation indicator, also can be used as an auti-pilot control widget.
  • EDU Temperatures - Displays EGT and CHT values in a vertical bar form.
  • Marquee - Can display a series of annunciators. Can automatically cycle, or manually review each one.
  • Menu - A popup menu.
  • Alarm - Displays alarms that are detected on the CanFly® bus.

The layout of these widgets is fully customisable, however most users will simply order a layout, or download pre-defined layouts based on their needs.