kEDU - Engine data unit

The Kotuku Engine Data Unit is a CanFly® component that can monitor most engine parameters for a 4 or 6 cylinder engine.

  • 4/6 EGT channels for K type EGT probes (must be ordered separately).
  • 4/6 CHT channels for K type thermo well CHT probes (must be ordered separately).
  • Oil Pressure sensor (must be ordered separately).
  • Fuel Pressor sensor (must be ordered separately).
  • Fuel Flow sensor (must be ordered separately).
  • Bus voltage.
  • Bus current, requires an external current shunt (must be ordered separately).
  • Outside air temperature sensor (must be ordered separately).
  • Left/Right fuel quantity, uses standard restive sensors (must be ordered separately).
  • Left/Right tachometer. When both are connected the kEDU will generate timing divergence alarms.
  • Manifold pressure sensor (must be ordered separately).
ECU ready to mount Typical firewall installation
Edu Edu Installed

kMAG Integration

When used as part of the CanFly® Lycoming Engine Management solution the kEDU can perform the following additional roles:

  • The Fuel Pressure sensor from each kMAG is averaged and replaces the kEDU sensor data.
  • The Inlet Air Temperature from each kMAG is averaged and published.
  • The Manifold Pressure from each kMAG is averaged and publisished this replaces the kEDU MAP sensor data. The kEDU MAP sensor is then used as a barometric air pressure sensor.
  • Automatic lean-find. Only supported if 2 kMAG’s are active and the mixture lever is set to Auto Mixture mode.


The EDU can generate the following alarms, that can be displayed on a CanFly® display:

  • Low Oil Pressure
  • Low Fuel Pressure
  • High Oil Temperature
  • High Cylinder Head Temperature (1-6)
  • High Exhaust Gas Temperature (1-6)
  • Timing Divergence
  • Low Fuel Quantity
  • High Fuel Pressure
  • CHT Cold Shock
  • High RPM
  • Bus Voltage High
  • Bus Voltage Low
  • High Current
  • kMAG RPM Divergence (requires 2 kMAG)
  • kMAG MAP Divergence (requires 2 kMAG)
  • kMAG IAT Divergence (requires 2 kMAG)
  • kMAG Fuel Pressure Divergence (requires 2 kMAG)
  • kMAG Temperature High
  • Low Fuel Flow

In addition the CanFly® Commander application can define custom alarms on any published CanFly® data point.

Data Logger

The kEDU contains storage for a large number of data elements. The CanFly® Commander can configure the data logger to store any CanFly® data element.

The default data logger logs the following, at 6 second intervals:

  • EGT (either 4 or 6 depending on the engine).
  • CHT (either 4 or 6 depending on the engine).
  • RPM
  • Oil Pressure
  • Oil Temperature
  • Fuel Flow
  • Altitude (Requires a kHUB, kAHRS or external barometric sensor).
  • Airspeed (Requires a kHUB or kAHRS)

The eEDU can store at least 5 hours of data, when it is full the oldest entries are replaced.