The diy-efis project is sponsored by Kotuku and is a core component of the CanFly product family.

Rather than locking a customer into a display product that is fixed in time or only available from the vendor, we decided to make the source code to all of the displays and avionics open-source.

The project has run for close to 8 years and while the original code was developed in C, the latest version that runs on the Kotuku displays runs the new C# engine that is built to run on very small platforms.

Kotuku has released 3 apps on this platform and a tool set to develop and test them.

  • PFD - an app to run on the 3" display and has the basic flight instruments for attitude, altititude and airspeed.
  • EDU - an app to run on the 3" display that has the Lycoming engine data unit fully instrumented.
  • EFI - an app to run on the 3" display that manages the dual fuel injection system.

Kotuku is also releasing a version of the emulator that runs on the Raspberry-PI for those people who want a completely free glass cockpit.

More apps will be delivered as time permits, so very exciting time as the Kotuku solution is the first time a modern concept (pluggable apps) is available on aircraft hardware.  And even more exciting as it is free and open source to encourage innovation!