Expression of interest

In preparation for Airventure, we have created an expression of interest form.

We don’t expect the worldwide chip shortage that is stopping us getting production quantities of systems produced to be sorted much before Q1 2023. So till then we are spending our time testing, and re-testing the systems.

Its off to the Dyno in August so will be sending some results after our test engine is put through a really interesting set of tests.

Features we are working through

There are so many thing we are working on, it is hard to pick the best ones but these are what we think is most significant.

  • All of our embedded system components now have live update. Means we can deliver a firmware update that does not need to have the equipment removed.
  • The auto-mixture mode will be able to seperately lean each cylinder to get peak on each one seperately. The current algorithm does it much like a mechanical fuel injection system and all are leaned seperately.
  • A CanFly® system will ship with an EDU and EDM. Probes will still need to be ordered seperately as we would like to support people who are upgrading and already have probes.

Please register, we will then keep you updated as the system moves into general availability.

Keep Flying.

Written on June 15, 2022